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SPC Software for Simplifying Quality Improvement

What is SQC pack? SQC pack is a robust Statistical Process Control (SPC) application that will help you easily analyze your data, understand and improve your processes, and communicate important quality information.

Designed with a focus on providing a simplified user-experience, SQC pack streamlines the process of creating and customizing charts so that you can more easily make data-driven business decisions.

Some of the Features you get with SQC PACK:

Increase Customer Satisfication


SQC has features to clearly  Prove the quality of

your production process to customers.

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • Six-Way Analysis

In addition, PQ's experienced and reputable team

can assist you in interpreting and communicating results, instilling customer confidence and trust.

Improve Information Flow


Encourage collaboration and facilitate more informed decision making across the planet or across globe.

  • SQC pack is available in spanish, German, French,  Mandarin, Portuguese.

Communicate Quality Status


We know that keeping management, customers, and your team informed on quality metrics and results is important to you. SQCpack's StatBoard®, quality reports, and SPC chart sharing tools facilitate communication.

SQCpack is statistical software that will improve information flow, encourage collaboration, and facilitate more informed decision making with others across the plant or around the globe.

Keep Your Data Secure

  • User security, rights, roles, and divisions determine who has access to various levels of the program

  • Auditing functions allow you to review changes made to your data, so you maintain complete control​

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