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  •  Founded  in 1999

  •  Four business verticals -

    • Business excellence consulting

    • Software for quality improvement

    • Quality process outsourcing

    • Management development programs

  • Authorized reseller for  PQ Systems USA -in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

  • With more than 2 decades of experience in the field of quality management,  PQSI is a preferred consulting partner for continual improvement and data transformation.

  • 150+ clients in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam etc.

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  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engg., from College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

  • MBA (Gold Medalist)  from IIM - Tiruchirappalli.

  • Master Black Belt from Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru. 

  • Ministry Of Corporate Affairs empaneled independent director.

  • 30+ years in process excellence consulting.

  • 20+ years in digital transformation project implementation.

  • 900+ programs on SPC, MSA, Lean Six Sigma, calibration, DOE,etc.

  • 250+ consulting projects in Auto,FMCG,Healthcare,Pharma,Textiles,etc.

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